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What services do you offer for sellers?

We are a software company for HCI, enterprise storage including all flash, scale out, unified as well as worm storage. Along with storage & hci software we do provide complete appliances along with professional services for implementation and post sales support.

How to become your preferred for certified partner?

To become our certified partner , we need to go through our technical & sales training. we need to resources for pre sales/ and one resource for technical implementations.

How you can provide value for money systems?

At 3 gen data systems, we always preferred quality better than our competitors and we are keeping our prices minimum30% less than the market leader, so while we are technological superior than the market leader & keping our price 30% less than the market leader i.e means we are offering value for money services.

Are you giving latest enterprise features in your solutions?

Yes,3 gen data systems focuses on latest trends & enterprise requiremnents & offerings the best in class features in both storage & hci software, we have multiple pretends also and many usps which my competitors are not lacking.

Do you offers customized software as per the requirements of the data systems?

Yes, at 3 gen data systems, we can customized our software as per interprise cutomer needs , for ex - we are giving fell over of oracle data base , VM based on response time threshold and also did ft nodes in ha clusters based on the customer request, and many such customizations we can do incase customers are buying or cometting minimum 10 nodes.

Do you have enterprise class storage for SAP , HPC and deep learning work loads?

yes, 3 gen data systems is known for best performance. We can give 20 million IOPS in single cluster and 200 GB/s in just 5 storage nodes. we have 12 leading international banks and 100+ govt organis on our solutions only because of performance.

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